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Cover Letters

A cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself, showcase your writing abilities, and create a compelling application package to show how you're the right candidate for the role. It is a chance to show your personality, strengths, goals, and values.

Important things to remember about a cover letter:

  • This serves as a writing sample — make sure you are putting your best foot forward. If you're unsure about your grammatical abilities or writing quality, we encourage you to visit the writing center.
  • Your cover letter should be about attitude and your resume should be about aptitude. Your cover provides an opportunity to compliment your resume, not reiterate.
  • Focus on the WHY — Why you? Why this job? Why this company?
  • Be sure your cover letter is no more than a page. A properly crafted cover letter should be exactly one full page.
  • Your resume and cover letter should look like a part of the same application package — use similar formatting, font, and creative design.
  • Double check – when you are sending out multiple cover letters it is easy to get your documents confused. Double check youre sending the right cover letter to the right person and company.
  • Save as PDF Always.
  • Do not address your letter "To Whom It May Concern", if you are unsure of who to submit your materials to, simply greet with "Dear Hiring Manager:"

You are welcome to have your cover letter reviewed at our Career Studio in the Career Development Center or by appointment with your career coach on Handshake.

Here are some samples and resources to get you started: