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Global Career Accelerator

Appalachian State University is proud to offer The Global Career Accelerator to all our career-minded students. This program was designed to be accessible to any major and take advantage of your free electives.

Each track in the Appalachian State Global Career Accelerator is 6 credits and gives you the opportunity to enhance your resumes with real-world experiences and the most sought-after tech skills — all from the comfort of your home. Whether you choose to study digital marketing, coding, data analytics, or data science, you’ll learn in-demand skills you need to succeed in our evolving world no matter your major.

Quick facts

  • Summer 2024: 5/28/24 – 8/4/24
  • Choose from four track offerings:
    • Digital Marketing Track
    • Coding for Web Track
    • Coding for Data Track
    • Data Analytics Track
  • Earn six (6) elective credits of UCO 2545 – all majors welcome.
  • Flexible online learning – study your way, from any location.
  • Interactive LiveLab Sessions – Meet weekly with teammates around the world in LiveLabs:  Virtual sessions conducted over Zoom.   
  • Build your resume and portfolio – Solve real-world problems from top companies like Google, Airbnb and Spotify. 
  • Flaunt your credentials – Show your commitment to leveling up your skill set with badges for your LinkedIn and resume.
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