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Supervisor Resources

Our office uses Handshake, our career services platform, to list new job opportunities and connect students with other resources in Career Development. Departments should list their open positions in Handshake, and the Student Employment team is always here to help.

As an on-campus supervisor, it is important to have the necessary resources when hiring new students. Our On-campus Student Employment and Supervisor AsULearn page provides student employees and supervisors with helpful resources such as:

  • Pay dates
  • NACE competencies
  • Student handbook
  • Training guides for both students and supervisors
  • LinkedIn Learning/forum discussions for supervisors

Our hope is that this page will connect supervisors with other supervisors to help build a community. This will also ensure they have all the necessary documents they need when hiring new students. Students will also be able to access documents at all times, giving them the necessary independence they need in this role as a student employee.

Professional development for students

As a supervisor, we encourage you to enhance the impact of student employment by investing in the professional development of our student employees. Programs like AppGROWS provide a structure for you to have conversations with these students, connecting classroom learning to their part-time job and beyond. Supervisors who actively engage in students’ professional development not only contribute to their personal and career growth, but also elevate the overall quality of the student employment experience at App State. Consider professional development opportunities for your student employees.

Completing employment verification

All employees of Appalachian State University (including student employees) must complete employment verification BEFORE beginning paid training or work. Upon completion of the Student Employment New-Hire Packet please send your new-hire student employees to Student Employment to complete employment verification prior to their start date. Please remind students to bring with them their acceptable documents for employment verification when reporting to Student Employment with their new-hire packet. Scanned photocopies of these documents are UNACCEPTABLE for processing purposes.

Other resources

Eligibility requirements for student temporary employees

To work in the fall or spring a student must be registered for at least one course in the semester(s) they plan to work.

To work during the summer a student must be enrolled in at least one summer session OR must have been enrolled in the spring semester and is pre-registered for fall.

To work beyond the last day of finals a student must be enrolled in the next semester.

If your student HAS worked on campus before (within the past year):

  • Submit an EPAF form (only if your department is approved to use EPAF)

HAS NOT worked on campus before (or three years since they have):

If the student doesn’t know if they have worked before call or email us with the student’s name and Banner ID and we will check for you.

Inform new-hire students that they MUST be authorized by Student Employment before their first day of work, this includes any training.

New hire packet for U.S. citizen/permanent resident student employees

After a student presents their Student Employment forms and completes employment verification with our office they must sign up for direct deposit enrollment on their AppalNet account.

Not sure if the student has worked before? Call or email us with the students name and Banner ID and we will check for you.

For new supervisors:

  • Student Confidentiality Agreement optional form for your reference if issues arise with work place conduct.
  • Add specific guidelines to this handbook reference to help set expectations for your student workers
New hire packet for foreign national student employees

Foreign National Student Employees should use the Foreign National New Hire Packet to be processed.

Student temporary employment authorization form instructions

NOTE: If you need to amend/update an existing authorization form (i.e.: changed end date, wage increase, different FOAP code, etc): retrieve your archived copy, cross out the old infomation, write in the new changes. Then indicate which fields you revised on the top of the form, include the date and your initials for departmental documentation then scan and email to for revisions.

TimeClock Payroll

The Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Campus Services, University Libraries, and other large departments on the EPAF and within TimeClock Plus may use this Hourly Wage Form (Please do not use this form if your department is not within the TimeClock Plus payroll system.)

For more information about TimeClock Plus, including an overview video on how to use the system, please visit

I-9 & E-Verify instructions

A new University Mandate has centralized the I-9 and E-verify process at App State. As of July 1st 2015, Student Employment, with the support of Human Resources, now conducts the I-9 and E-verify processing of student temps and work study students. Supervisors’ old E-verify accounts will be suspended on this date.

Inform your new student worker that if they have never worked on campus before, they must visit the centralized I-9 site in Plemmons Student Union room 222 prior to the first day of employment.

PLEASE Advise your new hire to bring unexpired, original IDs listed in the I-9 directions (page 9 “Lists of Acceptable Documents”) when they fill out the Student Temporary Authorization with you.

How to submit and amend paperwork


Authorization forms or revised authorization forms are due to the Student Employment the business day prior to the close of each pay period window. We must process your students paperwork and submit it to payroll before the time entry window closes for the period in which your student began working (1st -15th of the month or 16th end of the month), so that your student can enter their time into web time entry and the department approver can approve their time.


For any non-confidential information, please send via email to or intercampus mail to ASU Box 32032. Incomplete paperwork will be returned with a note describing what is missing or wrong.

Amending Forms

If you need to amend/update an existing authorization form (i.e.: changed end date, wage increase, different FOAP code, etc): retrieve your archived copy, cross out the old infomation, write in the new changes. Then indicate which fields you revised on the top of the form, include the date and your initials for departmental documentation then scan and email to for revisions.

Student temporary employees handbook

Use the Student Temporary Employees Handbook to learn more about finding student employment opportunities, the Federal Work Study program, payroll information and more.

International student new hires

The Office of International Education and Development has resources on their website to help an international student with employment regulations, questions, and how to obtain a social security card.

Please have international students contact us to make an appointment for new hire paperwork processing if they have never worked on campus before.

The student must obtain and bring their social security card to Student Employment by the end of the semester that the student began work.

Please have the international student fill out a NC4 NRA instead of the NC4 or NC4EZ state tax forms.

Documented coaching and mentoring for student employees

It is the goal of Appalachian State University and Student Employment to support all student employees. This may sometimes include supervisors offering verbal coaching, as needed, for successful employment. If management or an area supervisor determines that a student employee is demonstrating unsatisfactory job performance or unacceptable personal conduct concerns, it may become necessary for you to conduct a documented coaching and mentoring session (discussion) with your student in an effort to get them back on track and to communicate corrective measures. We value students work and appreciate their contributions to their job locations here on-campus. Please contact Student Employment staff with questions or concerns you might have. We are here to support you and your student employees. Download the documented coaching and mentoring form.