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Graduate Student Resources

Graduate students, did you know the Career Development Center provides all of its resources to you as well? Our career coaches are ready to assist you with your career questions and needs. Explore the following services to see how we can help.

Individualized career coaching

Each college has its own career coach who is here to help you (see below). Appointments can be made through Handshake to help you with a variety of career needs, including:

  • Updating your resume/CV/cover letter
  • How to create and leverage your LinkedIn
  • Searching for internships or practicum
  • Interview preparation and practice (for graduate school, internship, job, etc.)
  • Searching for a job

Employer engagement

Each semester our office offers a variety of opportunities to engage with employers. Whether you are job/internship searching or hoping to gain perspective, you don’t want to miss these opportunities. As graduate students you have unique educational and professional skills to be a strong candidate for a number of recruitment needs. Check out our upcoming events to find opportunities to connect with employers.

Applying for doctoral programs

If you’re looking to continue your education we can assist you in searching for, applying to, and interview preparation for your continuing education. Make an appointment with your career coach on Handshake to get started.

Internship searching

Most programs have a practicum and/or internship as part of the requirement. It can be hard to know where to look for these opportunities. Your internship coordinator within your department and program director are great resources. If you’re looking for additional opportunities, consider using: