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Thank You Notes

Remember to always write a thank you note following an employment or internship interview. This acknowledges the employer’s time and demonstrates your professionalism and business etiquette. Use the notes below and this example thank you letter to get started. For internship interviews, see this sample thank you note.


Write your letter in a formal business format or hand-write your note on thank-you card stationery, if you have good penmanship. Send or hand deliver the note within a day or two after your interview.

If you are interested in the position

Acknowledge your appreciation for their time and keep the note short and to the point. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and allow your letter to send a sales message; share how you can contribute to the goals of the employer or internship.

If you are not interested in the position

Write a gracious thank you note anyway. Professionals are tightly networked. Let your good manners serve you well for when your paths cross again.