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Student’s Liability Insurance Plan

Appalachian State University requires professional and general liability coverage for all students enrolled in internship, field experience, practicum, clinical, and student teaching. Therefore, the University has assisted by locating a cost-effective policy for students to purchase for this purpose. The premium for this coverage is charged to each student’s account upon enrollment.

If the student is enrolled in a course not designated as an internship (INT), practicum (PRA), field experience (FLD), clinical (CLN) or student teaching (ST), but the course has an experiential component embedded in the curriculum with students applying their skills on-site in a manner similar to internships, such courses will also carry the insurance requirement. The premium for this coverage is charged to each student’s account upon enrollment.


Students who purchase this policy are provided coverage for an act, error or omission in the rendering or failure to render professional services in conjunction with their internship, field experience, practicum, clinical, or student teaching experience. This insurance will also pay the amount of damages (up to the coverage limits) on behalf of an insured party (the student) when a judgment is entered against the student for property damage, bodily injury or personal injury arising out of their participation in the internship, field experience, practicum, clinical, or student teaching experience to which the policy applies.

Note: The professional and general liability policies do not include any personal health care coverage for the insured student’s personal injury. In other words, if a student injures themselves during an internship the cost of medical care for that injury would not be covered by the professional/general policy.  Rather, any such injury would be covered under the student’s personal medical insurance policy. Please contact your personal medical insurance provider for more information on coverage limits and exclusions. 

Coverage limits

$2,000,000 each occurrence for professional liability including bodily injury, property damage, or personal & advertising injury claims.

$4,000,000 aggregate limit (other than products/completed operations)

Major exclusions include intentional acts; liquor liability; pollution liability, automobile liability; the insured student’s property or property of others in the student’s care, custody or control; employment practice liability; physical assault, abuse or molestation; nuclear energy liability; workers compensation; dishonest, fraudulent, criminal, or malicious acts of omission; unemployment compensation; disability benefits. Refer to policy for a complete list of coverage and exclusions. A complete copy of the policy can be obtained upon request.

Claim information

If you have a claim or are sued or threatened with a lawsuit, report the claim within 48 hours of the incident:

Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc; Attn: Mercer Claims
55 Water Street 23rd Floor, New York NY 10041
Toll Free: 1-855-511-8097

When initiating a claim, please be prepared with the following information: policy number, full name, contact information, course of study, date/time/place of incident, and details of the incident.

Policy information

Coverage provided by: Liberty Insurance Underwriters, Inc., Mercer Consumer
Client number: 2626652
Policy number: AHV-103612006
Policy effective dates: 8/15/2023- 08/14/2024
Cost per student: $12.00 per student for the academic year; effective dates indicated above

Please note: Since the policy year aligns directly with the academic year, students enrolled in more than one course requiring coverage in an academic year will be assessed the $12 fee only once in that academic year.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) coverage

Students: If your internship host has asked you to provide proof of your insurance coverage, a Certificate of Insurance or a COI, contact Les Miller at 828-262-2832 or

Faculty: To request a Certificate of Insurance for your program or department, please contact Les Miller at 828-262-2832 or