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An estimated 80% of jobs are never advertised. Networking allows you to tap into this hidden job market. Develop a bank of contacts. Think of everyone you meet as a potential networking contact.

Networking at a career fair

Use social media

  • Keep your Facebook clean and free of anything potentially incriminating
  • Be cautious and assume anything you post to the internet can be viewed by anyone
  • Google yourself to see what you find
  • Check your privacy settings often
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your network. Consider keeping your professional network on LinkedIn and your social network elsewhere
  • Join our LinkedIn group to connect with employers and career coaches

Develop a 60-second commercial

Meet with people in informal settings, career fairs, professional meetings, or conferences and introduce yourself, highlighting your qualifications. Share relevant skills, courses, internships, accomplishments, and experiences, and identify how your skills fit with their needs.

Conduct informational interviews

Contact people of interest in your field and ask to conduct informational interviews. Be prepared with the specific questions you want to ask in a 20-30 minute time period: What are the skill sets you use most in your job? How do most people enter this field? What type of position in this field might I reasonably target given my background? What criteria do you use for hiring at my level? Use this guide to help you with conducting an informational interview.

Connect with alumni

Connecting with App State alumni can be one of the best ways of growing your network. They have been in your shoes and are often happy to help students along their career paths.

There are several options for connecting with App State graduates. Take advantage of social media platforms to reach out to alumni groups and grow your network. Connect with the Appalachian State University Alumni Association on LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also send messages to alumni who are on Handshake to get your career-related questions answered.

Interested in hearing from past alumni? See where an App State degree can take you and read other alumni success stories.