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The ultimate goal of the students' Aportfolio is to intentionally document learning and to design a positive digital presence for a professional audience. Appalachian State students and faculty use Aportfolios for multiple purposes in the context of a class, program, major, research project, international experience or career search.

Aportfolios can be used as a method of integration and meaning making as students document and reflect on their experiences and process as a learner over time and across multiple courses. Aportfolios support self-directed learning, information literacy, and creative aesthetics in web design. The process of designing and creating an ePortfolio assists students in articulating transferable skills, knowledge, and co-curricular learning. Aportfolios provide a place where students organize, represent, and contextualize their academic growth and the intersections with their professional aspirations.

For more information on how to use Aportfolio, design tips, and examples from other students, visit the Aportfolio website. If you are ready to build your Aportfolio, get started below!

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