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Faculty & Staff Internship Resources

Faculty and other mentors are some of the primary influences on students' career development, and research shows that having someone who encourages their goals and dreams impacts most graduates in finding purpose in their work.

The Internship Inventory is a web-application created to manage Appalachian State's internship approval process, to track student records to enrollment, and to provide a database for internship reporting.

Approval Flow Chart: Download approval flow chart

Students: Students seeking approval for their internships begin the process by speaking to their academic department.

Faculty: Faculty approving internships must have access to the Internship Inventory. If you need to gain access or adjust your permissions to the Internship Inventory, please contact the Signature Authority for your department. Having trouble signing into the Internship Inventory? Contact Les Miller, or call extension 2832.

Signature Authority and Dean Approval: All faculty with Signature Authority have access to approve internships through the Internship Inventory, can sign the Internship Contract, and can move a record on for Dean Approval once the departmental requirements have been satisfied.

Download Signature Authority Responsibilities

The Internship Contract: The Internship Contract outlines responsibilities of the University, the student intern, and the internship host. It is generated within the Internship Inventory using the generate contract button populating the Contract from fields within the student's internship record. Faculty may sign the Internship Contract as a University Representative. Once the Contract is signed by all parties, please upload it to the student's record in the Internship Inventory.

Affiliation Agreements: Some internship sites require an affiliation agreement. Appalachian State's Office of General Counsel must assist in preparing affiliation agreements and secure the Provost's signature. Les Miller, in partnership with our Office of General Counsel, can determine if a current agreement exists for your student's site. Call extension 2832 to speak with Les.

Reporting: As you need reports on your student interns, log in to the Internship Inventory, click on the Search button, select the characteristics you need, and click Search. On your results page, click on Export to Spreadsheet in the top right hand corner of the page. If you need details or combined reporting capabilities that you are unable to access on your own, please let Les Miller know at or at extension 2832. He will be glad to assist you in creating additional reports.

View our User Guide for recent Internship Inventory updates.

Requests will be reported directly to our Software Engineer. Please create a ticket at the IT Service Desk.

Internship Inventory Feature Request Form

Requests will be reported to the Internship Inventory Work Group, a subcommittee of the Internship Advisory Council. It is likely a member of the Work Group will be in touch with you to learn more from you about your idea(s). Thank you for your interest in strengthening the Internship Inventory and its use on our campus.

Appalachian State University State Authorization Internship Resources

State Authorization Internship Handbook: If you have misplaced your link to the NC SARA Google Workbook outlining the internship requirements of each of the US States, please contact Adryona Nelson at or by calling extension 7559.

Department Approval: The students academic department approves the internship site based upon learning goals and outcomes appropriate for the students degree program and career goals.

OIED Certification: Office of International Education & Development (OIED) certifies the country and students completion of the pre-departure paperwork.

Deadlines: Students seeking internships outside the United States/United States Territories must submit an application to OIED no fewer than fifteen (15) business days prior to intended departure or fifteen (15) days prior to Add/Drop whichever date occurs first in order to allow time for review and processing of pre-departure paperwork.

Internships may start and end within the broadest dates of any term/semester which differ from the first and last day of class.

View dates by term/semester

Fall 2023 Enrollment Dates

Spring 2024 Enrollment Dates

Summer 2024 Enrollment Dates

Academic Course Meeting Dates Exception Form is necessary when a student's start or end date falls outside of the broadest dates of any term. The form must be completed and uploaded to the student's record in the Internship Inventory for registration to take place.

Drop/Add is the 5th day of class for fall/spring terms and the 2nd day of class for each summer term. Students not enrolled on the final day of Drop/Add will lose the financial aid they were awarded for their courses. Please note: The Drop/Add date for Summer I serves as the Drop/Add date for both Summer I and Summer II.

Census is the 10th day of each fall and spring term and the 3rd day of class for each summer session. UNC General Administration sets Census to serve as the enrollment reporting date for each term.

The Academic Calendar can be viewed at the Registrar's website.

Students will be charged for credit hours earned for their internship. To assist students with tuition and fees details see Finance Your Internship and the Student Accounts Tuition and Fees.

Appalachian State University requires professional and general liability coverage for all students enrolled in internship, field experience, practicum, clinical, and student teaching. Students, as the insured party, are added to the policy and their Student Account charged for the insurance fee upon enrollment. View our insurance page for more details.

Policy Begin and End Dates: The insurance policy begins at August 15th and ends on August 14th each academic year. Therefore, students may not begin a Fall internship before August 15th and may not end a Summer internship after August 14th.

Certificate of Insurance (COI): If you need a copy of the COI for the internship site as proof of coverage, contact Les Miller at or at x2879 for assistance.

Overarching policy to which all departments, programs, and Colleges subscribe can be found in the Graduate and Undergraduate Bulletin statements on internships. View Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins from Registrar's Office

Departments and programs may have additional requirements, higher GPA standards, and prerequisite courses for internship eligibility.

Faculty may request a background check and/or drug panel for their students within the student's record in the Internship Inventory. Certiphi, our provider, will send the student an ApplicationStation account through which the student can approve the background check and/or drug panel request and make arrangements for payment. Certiphi will send results to the student for the student to share with their internship site.

Our Mission: The Internship Advisory Council facilitates the exchange of information pertinent to internship programs and recommends improvements in internship policy and procedures.

We are an open council populated in membership with faculty and staff who work with internships in their academic departments, Office of International Education & Development, Registrar's Office, Career Development, State Authorization, Financial Aid, Electronic Student Services, and Legal Counsel.

Meetings are held at the beginning of each semester before classes begin and at the end of each semester after classes have ended. Faculty bearing Signature Authority are included in meeting requests and meeting minutes.