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Preparing for an Interview

Just the thought of being in an interview can make any person nervous. However, the more prepared you are in advance, the more likely these nerves are to go away. We are here to help prepare you and fine-tune your interviewing skills.


  • Practice interviewing online with Big Interview
  • Make an appointment in Handshake
  • Review these often-asked interview questions
  • Periodically, employers visit AppState to conduct practice interviews with students. Search and sign up in Handshake, just like you would for a real interview. Practice interviews are labeled as such.

Know the Employer

  • Study the organization’s culture and make sure you review their mission statement, policies, website content, and printed materials
  • Familiarize yourself with the job description
  • Identify how you can add value with your skills and training to their organizational goals

Strategize your Answers

  • Focus on what you have to offer the employer
  • Emphasize your skills and experiences to help identify how strong a match you are to the position
  • Be detailed and substantive; quantify your success when possible (successfully met fundraising goal by 110%)
  • Provide short anecdotes to illustrate your points

Plan your trip

  • Create a travel plan that incorporates plenty of extra time for the unexpected
  • Take the employer’s contact information with you in case of emergency
  • Travel the day before to ensure you are already in town on the day of your interview
  • Bring extra copies of your resume
  • Be prepared for any technological needs you may have for showing your electronic portfolio or making a presentation
  • Be prepared with cash for parking
  • Manage your travel plans independently. Do not rely on the employer for directions, parking, or any other accommodations unless they offer
  • Take medications or other personal essentials with you
  • Turn off your cell phone immediately upon arrival
  • Be courteous, professional, and friendly with everyone; anyone you meet could have input on the hiring decision