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Internship Success

Focus On Your Academic Goals
Your faculty supervisor will determine whether or not your work warrants successful completion of your internship. Read your syllabus carefully. Adhere strictly to the assignments, directions and deadlines. Remain focused on the learning goals and outcomes of your internship experience.

Take Initiative
Introduce yourself to the staff and acquaint yourself with office procedures. Be gracious, engaging and interested in what each person is contributing to the goals of the organization. Be eager to assist. Interns who jump in and offer help instead of waiting to be asked are more quickly integrated into the team atmosphere.

Capitalize On The Fact You Are A Student
Soak up everything you can. Ask to be included if you know there is a meeting you would like to attend. Dress professionally every day so you are ready to go anywhere. Seek a mentor. See what people around you are reading and with whom they keep in touch. Reach beyond your comfort zone to learn new things and meet new people. Prove yourself and cultivate long-term professional relationships.

Represent Yourself And AppState Well
You might be the first and only person someone has met from Appalachian State University. Be recognized as a person with integrity and a strong work ethic. Stay clear of office gossip, politics and cliques. No matter how exciting or menial the task, do what needs doing with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Communicate respectfully in person and in your email correspondence.

Serve The Mission Of Your Internship Site
Engage in their culture and their goals. Pay attention to how ideas are shared, how decisions are made, how tasks are accomplished and how success is evaluated.

Monitor Your Progress
Be realistic about what you can accomplish in your internship. Follow the learning goals and objectives set by you, your department and your site. If you are falling behind in your goals, take initiative to ask for more involvement. If you are encountering difficulties at your site, seek the counsel of your faculty internship supervisor immediately.