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Consider an Internship

Why Should I Do An Internship?
Employers and graduate schools value hands-on experience.

What Goals Do I Want to Accomplish In My Internship?
Seek an internship that will help expand your skills and competencies. The Internship Coordinator for your major/academic department can assist you in determining whether or not an internship will be substantial enough to count for academic credit. As with all academic credit, you will pay AppState tuition and fees. Student Accounts Tuition and Fees

When Should I Do My Internship?
Consult with your academic advisor to investigate an ideal time for you to do your internship. Take into consideration your projected graduation date, when required courses for your major are offered, and when you can be absent from campus if your internship location is away from Boone.

Should I Do My Internship For Academic Credit?
Some programs of study/majors at AppState require an internship which means a student will enroll in an internship and pay tuition and fees as with any other course. For other programs of study/majors, doing an internship for academic credit is strongly encouraged but not required.

Why would you choose to do an internship for academic credit and pay tuition for credit hours earned if an internship is not required for your program of study/major?

There are benefits to doing your internship for academic credit.

  • Internship hosts frequently require that you be enrolled in an internship to be eligible for an internship at their site.
  • When enrolled in an internship, you will have professional and general liability insurance coverage while you are on site. View details of this coverage here.
  • A faculty supervisor in your major will be assigned to assist you in completing your agreed upon learning goals and outcomes for your internship. An internship works best when it is structured to ensure you meet your career and skill development goals.
  • An on-site supervisor with experience in your field of study will be assigned to you to assist in your training and to ensure you have assigned tasks and experiences to meet your learning goals and outcomes.
  • If you are experiencing any barriers to your learning or in meeting your goals, you have your site supervisor and your faculty supervisor to support you.