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Apply for an Internship

How Do I Write My Resume and Cover Letter?
Make certain both documents are free of typos and any other errors. See your career coach for assistance. Try these tips:

Will I Have An Interview?
Many internship sites will interview their internship candidates before making a final decision. Share why you are interested in their internship. Illustrate how their internship relates to your overall career plan. Outline the skills and experiences you possess for their internship.

How Do I Prepare For The Interview?
The Career Development Center offers several opportunities to fine-tune your interviewing skills. Learn how to prepare for an interview and set yourself up for success.

What Questions Must I Prepare to Answer?
How has your academic course work prepared you for an internship?
In what ways do you see this internship helping you meet your career goals?
What have been your most outstanding accomplishments in college?
What do you bring to this internship that is unique?
What are your strengths/weaknesses?

What Questions Should I Ask About The Internship?
Could you describe your office arrangement and how the intern interacts with the team?
What are some examples of projects that interns have done with your organization?
Can you describe the training for an intern in this position?
How will this internship be supervised?

Send A Thank-You Note After Your Internship Interview.
Type, hand-write or e-mail your note within 24 hours. Briefly emphasize your enthusiasm and qualifications for the internship along with your appreciation for their time. If your interview was less than great, send a thank you note anyway. You want to be remembered favorably.