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Planning for Graduate and Professional School

As A Student

Shape yourself into an ideal graduate school candidate:

  • Be selective and make sure each activity maximizes your potential for graduate study such as student organizations, your internship, substantial volunteer work
  • Be an instructional or research assistant 
  • Volunteer as a tutor
  • Attend conference presentations or collaborate on publications with a mentor
  • Write an honors thesis if you have the option
  • Make sure your undergraduate courses prepare you for graduate study
  • Join the premier professional organization in your discipline

Have questions about the process or how to prepare? Schedule an appointment with your career coach.

After You Graduate

Keep your skills and competencies in your field sharp and well-represented on your CV/academic resume:

  • Volunteer if your current employment is not related to your choice for graduate study
  • Take additional coursework to supplement your undergraduate studies if necessary

Financing For Graduate School

The process of financing graduate school looks different than your undergraduate experience. Check with your Financial Aid Office at your respective university to apply for federal financial aid.

Research, Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are often available for graduate students, but the process and allocation varies from each university. We suggest contacting the Office of Graduate Studies at your prospective university as a starting point. It is also appropriate to connect with your program director to inquire about opportunities to finance your graduate education. Remember: etiquette is key! When cold contacting, both email and phone, it is important to put your best foot forward. If you're having trouble drafting an e-mail, connect with your coach through Handshake.