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Graduate and Professional School

Planning for Graduate and Professional School

Shape yourself into an ideal graduate school candidate. Maximize your potential for graduate study with each activity you engage in as a student.

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Graduate Admissions Tests

Admissions tests help institutions predict your academic success in their program. Tests you need to take vary by the types of programs you are applying to and can vary from school to school.

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A recommendation is a detailed written statement (usually from a faculty member, supervisor or employer) of your personal qualities, qualifications, accomplishments, and experiences that make you well-qualified for admission into a graduate program.

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Entrance Essay

The entrance essay provides an opportunity for you to differentiate your qualifications from other candidates. It can have various names, such as personal statement, letter of intent, statement of purpose, autobiographical statement, and/or objectives of graduate study.

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Graduate School Interviews

The interview can be the deciding factor when admissions committees choose who to accept. Be prepare to interview after you apply. Practice interviewing with Big Interview or with one of our Graduate Assistants!

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