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Virtual Career Meetups

In helping students think about their career planning, we are hosting various virtual Career Meetups. Topics include Resume and Cover Letters, LinkedIn, Handshake, Salary Negotiation, Job Searching, Choosing a Major, and many more. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. We want to help students who now have more time than before to think about their career planning.

Listed below are our upcoming planned sessions. If you missed any of our previous Career Meetups, you can watch the recording by clicking the link at the bottom of the page for that session. To participate in any upcoming sessions, register for the event and access the meeting link in Handshake.

Previous Career Meetup Recordings

Topic Description
Resumes and Cover Letters In this session, you will learn what the best practices are when developing your resume and cover letter, as well as some tips you can use when putting these application materials together.
Job Search 101 In this session, we talk about the different aspects you should consider when starting a job search. You will learn tips for how to find, target, and connect to the organizations where you want to work, as well as how to utilize your network to find that first career-focused job after you graduate.
Interview Questions Overview In this session, we give you an overview about common interview questions. You will learn why some of these questions are asked and how to best approach answering them.
Job Strategy in a Time of Uncertainty In this session, learn about some of the strategies you can use to help you in your job search during this time of uncertainty.
Choosing a Major and Career In this session, learn about the steps and resources you can use to make a good decision about your future major and career.
Developing Your Online Identity In this session, discover the key points when building your brand and developing your online identity, including your social media accounts.
Engaging Students in Government: From Part-Time Intern to Full-Time Career Engaging Students in Government: From Part-Time Intern to Full-Time Career is part of the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships Monthly Connect, a series of panel discussions on topics relevant to cross-sector partnerships (more here). Speakers described their government internships, the ways these experiences shaped their career aspirations, and their educational and professional paths to where they are today. Participants and speakers shared numerous tips for students, hiring managers, college/university career services, and others to encourage and enhance student engagement in government. Click here for relevant resources from the session. More about the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships.
Job Strategy in a Time of Uncertainty with Enterprise Holdings In this session, hear from Susan McCracken, Director of Career Development and Economic Engagement, and Amy Casari, Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings, on how to navigate your job search during this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19.
Salary Negotiation: Know Your Value In this session, we'll be going over some tips and best practices for when it comes time to negotiate your salary.
Preparing for Graduate School or a Gap Year In this session, learn how to best plan and prepare yourself for getting into graduate school or taking a gap year.
The Virtual Job Search In this session, hear from Sarah Bruet with Fast Enterprises on how to stand out during the job search process while staying in during a global pandemic.
Making the Most of a Virtual Career Fair In response to COVID-19, many career fairs have shifted from in-person to online platforms. If you are currently job seeking, or looking to network with employers, a virtual fair can be a great resource that you can take advantage of from anywhere. Don't "walk" into a virtual career fair with zero preparation. These are the 10 tips you'll want to follow to set yourself up for success and make the most of a virtual career fair.
Employer and Job Trends During COVID-19 This session will offer a detailed update and briefing on how COVID-19 has impacted how and which employers recruit and the open positions for which they are still recruiting. The Career Development Center Employer Relations team will spotlight particular recruiting and hiring trends in industry, region, or other categories and how they have been affected by the pandemic.
Careers in Wildlife Law Enforcement In this session, we are joined by Officer Jared Thompson from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission - an AppState '13 Alumnus. We will discuss various careers within Natural Resources Law Enforcement and the current recruitment of Wildlife Officers here in North Carolina.
What to do When You Can't Find a Job in Your Field How many jobs have you applied for since graduation? Have you lost count? In this session, Customer Service and Support Specialist Sarah Parker will guide you through steps you can take while job searching to help you transition into a job in your chosen field.
Tips for Success with a Virtual Internship (Student Panel) Hear from Appalachian State students as they share their experiences and tips for how to be successful in a virtual internship.
Searching for Part-Time Employment in Boone Are you looking for part-time employment for the fall semester? Not sure where to begin? In this session, Kato Thompson, Support Associate for Student Employment, will discuss searching for on-campus employment and touch on off-campus employers in the greater Boone community.
Why We Hire Student Athletes Student athletes possess a unique set of skills that prepare them for jobs after graduation, and employers are keen on hiring them. In this panel discussion, hear from employers about why they actively seek to hire AppState student athletes. Our panelists include Charis Nunez from E&J Gallo, Brad Leggett from Techtronic Industry, Stanley Broaden from the Southern Conference, and Amy Casari from Enterprise.
Inclusivity Matters: Find Your Fit Finding a work environment and culture that is aligned with your identity and values is really important. Hear from our panelists about lessons learned from their own professional experiences and how they have affected change in their workplace.
Resume Prep for Internship and Job Fair Are you ready for the Internship and Job Fair? Learn how you can prepare your resume and Handshake profile to be ready for the fair.
What to do after a Virtual Career Fair You attended the Internship and Job Fair, now what? Learn strategies for following up and staying connected to employers after a career fair, from the employer perspective and career center team.
Exploring Graduate Degrees in Professions for the Public Good (Panel Discussion) Hear from our panel featuring several of the schools participating in our Graduate and Professional School Fair who offer degrees in the helping professions to learn how to stand out as an applicant, what to expect from graduate school in the current environment, and trends in the industry as a whole.
Career Strategy 101 for Student Athletes Career Development and Athletics are teaming up again to bring value professional development tools to our AppState Student Athletes. Learn about these 4 career planning topics that student athletes can take advantage of today: Resume Prep, Job Search Strategy in a Virtual World, Career Prep in a Virtual World: LinkedIn, Job Fairs, and Online Etiquette, and Seal the Deal: Salaries/Benefits/Retirement Plans.
Bridging Together Multiple Interests Who says you have to pick one thing and do it the rest of your life, giving up all other interests? Hear from Michelle Brown, Career Coach, University College, on exploring creative ways to bridge together interests through what you study and do in college and beyond.
Leveraging LinkedIn Career Coach, Laura Pell, will guide you though tips on how to leverage your LinkedIn profile and use it for networking and job searching.
Identity Matters: The LGBTQ+ Job Search Job searching is stressful for everyone. For LGBTQ+ folks, there is an increased level of anxiety and questions: How should I introduce myself on my cover letter? Do I put my pronouns on my resume? Is this employer really going to be supportive and equitable? Here from our experienced panelists as they explore these topics. We are joined by Clarinda Choice (she/they) Assistant Director for Campus Activities- Clubs & Organizations at Appalachian, Rebby Kern (they/them) Director of Education Policy at Equality NC, and Mike Schaefer (he/him) Manager, University Relations for E&J Gallo Winery.
Applying to Graduate School Learn what's needed to apply to various Graduate Programs including: Graduate Essays (personal statements, recommendation from faculty, financial aid, finding GA, TA positions.
COVID-19 and the Employment Market A thorough examination of how job and internship opportunities have been impacted by COVID-19, specifically for students and alumni of Appalachian State, complete with statistics, infographs, and a conclusion identifying trends by industry, job type, and job category.
Job Search 101 Knowing how to effectively search for and apply to jobs is extremely beneficial as you begin your career. Learn what job search strategies to use for internships, part-time, and full-time employment.
How to Successfully Navigate the Education Career Fair Learn 10 tips for navigating the virtual Education Career Fair successfully. Hear from Career Development Center staff for an informational session on how to prepare for and navigate the fair.
10 Career Pro Tips to get it in gear over Winter Break! You've got 6 weeks between exams and the return to class. You know you'll be on your computer or phone anyway - why not spend just a bit of time figuring out how to advance your degree into a career path? If you play this right, you can binge your shows, surf social media, sleep in late, hang out with people ... AND ... tighten up your career game. Gain helpful tips from AppState's career professionals and unconventional thoughts from a not-so-professional.
Internship AMA: "Ask Me Anything" Should I do an internship? When? What type? Where do I start? If you have these questions and more, hear from our student panelists and career center staff as we answer all questions big and small related to internships.
Head to the Hill: Tips on Finding an Internnship and Job in DC Hear from App State alumni who work on Capital Hill. They'll provide insider knowledge that can help you stand out from other students who are trying to get their start in D.C.
Justice Matters: Inclusivty in Internships Internships are an important step on the way to a career. The wrong internship can leave you confused and lost, while the right internship can give you purpose and skills to move forward. We invite companies to the table who are doing the work to make internships more inclusive. From a corporate internship in computer science hoping to add diversity to the field to a nonprofit, justice-centered internship advocating for marginalized populations across NC--this video will help you explore why inclusivity matters to your internship choice and experience.
Doing a Virtual Internship Hear from App State students on their experiences doing a virtual internship. They'll provide some insight and answers to common questions that will help those considering an internship in a virtual setting.
Stepping Stones: Using your Strengths & Values to Find Your First Job Are you unsure of how to begin looking for your first job out of college but open to possibilities? This workshop will focus on understanding your strengths and values and how these apply to entry-level stepping stone jobs. Chase Newmyer, a recent ASU alum and Field Sales and Marketing Representative for TTI, will share personal insights on finding your first job after graduation. TTI is a world-class leader in innovation, design, manufacturing and marketing of power tools and accessories, outdoor product equipment and floor care for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries.
Public Relations and Marketing Employer Panel Professionals from three North Carolina-based agencies share insights into the industry as well as their own career journeys for today's students. Panelists include: Darby Communications, Katie Lichter, Senior Account Manager; R + M - Melissa Vega, Brand + Social Strategist; SFW - Sarah Shinksky, Director of Operations and Resourcing and Varn'et Jones, Marketing Strategy Manager and Appalachian alumna.
Communication in Non-Profit & Sustainability Employer Panel Effective communication strategies are imperative to share, brand, or motivate others, and non-profit organizations are no exception to these needs. Learn about three different organizations promoting so much good these days, as well as potential opportunities. Panelists include: Hostage US - Liz Frank, Executive Director; PBS - Danielle Iannelli, Senior Manager, Immersive Learning Programs - Appalachian alumna; WeINSPIRE Movement - Jamarl Clark, Chief Visionary Officer - Appalachian alumnus; AppHarvest - Zach Miller, Senior Corporate Recruiter.
Broadcasting and Advertising Employer Panel Hear from these three seasoned professionals to learn more about the sports broadcasting and advertising industry as they share insights about the profession, as well as their own career paths to their current roles. Panelists include: IMG - Jason Schick, Partner Services Coordinator; Seacrest Studios/The Dean's List - Meredith Dean, On-air Program Coordinator, Seacrest Studios Founder/President, The Dean's List; Centennial Authority/PNC Arena - Jeff Merritt, Executive Director.
Oh, the Places You'll Go..with ANY MAJOR Starting with the college search and application process and then all throughout college, the first question often asked is "what's your major?". We identify ourselves with and by it. Well, not in this panel. You are so much more than the major you list on your diploma and this panel will highlight the skills, experiences, and qualities that really DEFINE who you are and how leadership/involvement, part-time work, and other experiences complement your academics to make you CAREER READY.
Service and Gap Year Opportunities Interested in a year of service after graduation before pursuing graduate school or full-time work? In this video, you will learn more about finding the right gap and service year opportunities for you, tips for applying, and the benefits of participating.
Career Meetup for Math Majors Majoring in mathematics leads to a world of career opportunities. Learn more about opportunities available for mathematics majors and how to leverage your skills in your career search. Our panelists include: FAST Enterprises - Sarah Bruet, Recruiter; IBM - Audrey Holloman, Data Scientists; FRG - Thomas Panasiewicz, Risk Consultant.
Pro Day: The Practice of Networking Does the term "networking" strike fear in you? Do you have images of people in professional suits at a formal event? Do you feel like you don't really know what networking is or means? Then App State Pro Day is for you! The Career Development Center and AppState Athletes are pleased to present an opportunity to hear a panel of employers provide tips on how to network, follow up with contacts, and make meaningful professional connections. Employers include: Athletes 2 Careers, Charleston Police Department, E&J Gallo, Enterprise, Joe Gibbs Racing, Secret Service, Spectrum, The Select Group, TTI, and Waffle House.
Women in STEM Women working in STEM fields gather during this panel for a conversation on maximizing opportunity, breaking through barriers, and achieving your career goals. Hear from our panel for the best career advice and the opportunity to connect with other Women in STEM. Our distinguished panelists include: Clarkston Consulting - Maggie Seeds, Business and Technology Consultant; FAST Enterprises - Murphy D'oyen, Software Engineer; Nickie Cashdollar - AppHarvest, Sustainability Lead.
Meetup with Renewable/Sustainable Tech Employers Hear from a small panel of employers to learn about their hiring needs relevant to sustainable technology and renewable energy. Industry trends and words of wisdom for the job search process will be covered. Panelists include: Watson Electrical - Tom Headlee, President and COO; Southern Energy Management - Matt Dovenbarger, Field Operations Manager; Green State Power - Carrie Stewart, Vice President.
Careers in Non-Profits Hear from professionals of various non-profit organizations, local to national, speak about their field and career paths, while gaining insight into the job and internship search in this industry sector. Panelists include: Q'Pasa Appalachia - Yolanda Adams, Co-Founder; Thurgood Marshall College Fund - Eric Hart, Chief Programs Officer; Guitars Over Guns - Walker Moseley, Regional Director, Miami; Dream the Impossible - Doug Middleton, Founder.
Camps Serving Youth with Special Needs Experiencing the adventure and community of summer camp is important to all. How do camps provide access to campers with special needs? Hear us talk about the unique challenges and joys of working in camps designed to provide an inclusive and welcoming experience for campers. Learn how working at summer camp applies to all fields like Recreation Management, Social Work, Education Majors and more! Lastly, learn about how to make a difference in youth lives, these job opportunities and engage with the leaders from these organizations.
Career Prep in a Virtual World: LinkedIn, Virtual Job Fairs, and Online Presence India Helmer, former Appalachian student-athlete, presents on effective networking and presentation in a virtual environment. India has worked for TTI (Techtronic Industries) since graduating with her undergraduate degree and an MBA. She joined their Leadership Development program and works in a sales role.
Bridging the Gap Between Social Services and Healthcare/Public Health In these times, there is a critical need for healthcare and public health agencies to coordinate efforts with social services to establish a culture of community participation and support. Bridging the gap between health care and communities can be a difficult task. Listen as employers from both disciplines discuss how organizations are working to serve people in the time of COVID. Panelists from the following organizations will be part of the discussion: Youth Villages, HealthCorps, Rural Health Group.
Public Administration Employer Panel Hear from professionals in public administration as they talk about career advice, job searching, and professional preparation for a career in their field.
Conversation with Christine Cruzvergana Listen in as Appalachian Senior & Student Employment Assistant, Bryce Macauley, talks with Christine Cruzvergana, Vice President of Higher Education and Student Success at Handshake, about her practical lessons for leadership, and what it takes to stand out in the world of networking and job searching.
How to Successfully Navigate the Education Career Fair Learn 10 tips for successfully navigating the virtual Education Career Fair. Hear from the Career Development Center staff on how to prepare for and navigate the fair.
All You Need to Know about Teaching in a Charter School Hear from a panel of educators who work in charter schools. Charter schools are independently-operated public schools serving students from pre-K to 12. Learn what a day in the life of a charter school teacher is like, how the structure of a charter school differs from a traditional model public school, and what the benefits and challenges are of working in a charter school. Featuring: National Heritage Academies.
The Road Less Traveled: Learn about Unique Teaching Opportunities Have you thought about a non-traditional setting for your first teaching experience? Learn about 3 very different teaching opportunities: teaching in a regional STEM academy serving rural NC, teaching abroad in Barcelona, Dublin or Paris, teaching in Alaska, and teaching in a private independent school. Featuring: CEA Study Abroad, Northeast Aerospace (NC), Southwest Region School District (Alaska), and Southern Teachers Agency.
Make Yosef a New Yorker Join the Career Development Center and the NYC Alumni Chapter for a panel with AppState alumni who are making it in the Big Apple! Our panelists will talk about about how to get an internship or that first job in New York City, how to find a place to live, how to network, and how to piece it all together until you finally get the job you want. Panelists are listed below.
Note: The recording starts about 5 minutes after the panelists began speaking