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Select an Intern

Application Materials
Requiring a resume and cover letter work well in measuring students' maturity and readiness for an internship. Include an application form if you need to glean certain pieces of information not typically covered in either a resume or cover letter. Writing samples and other examples of students' work can serve as strong predictors as well.

Internship Interviews
Including an interview in your selection process is advantageous. Involve several members of your team to secure a clear perspective on the best match for your site. If distance is an obstacle for an in-person interview, use phone interviews or applications such as Skype, GoToMeeting, and Zoom as an effective substitutes.

Interview Question Ideas

  • Why have you applied for this particular internship?
  • How do you see an internship such as this one helping you achieve your career goals?
  • How has your academic coursework prepared you for an internship?
  • What other experiences have prepared you well for this internship?
  • Why did you choose to attend Appalachian State University?
  • What have been your most outstanding accomplishments in college?