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Mountaineer Career Passport

In your Mountaineer Career Passport, you will find advice and guidance from the professionals at the Career Development Center to help you with your identity development and ultimately, your path to finding fulfilling work. Make the most out of your passport by following these three simple steps:

  • Whether you are a new student or have been on campus for a while, make an appointment with your career coach or stop by our Career Studio to meet with a career guide
  • Attend events and engage in activities that support your career readiness each time you complete an activity in the passport
  • Take a few moments to complete the self-reflection and assessment portions of the passport to guide you on your professional development and opportunities

Please take a moment to go through the passport and learn how it can guide you towards a meaningful career path.

Learn the importance of articulating your passions, taking time for reflection, translating the skills you are obtaining in your experiences to your career readiness, creating your career profile, and so much more. Not only are these elements the key to maximizing your time on campus from the very first day, but they will also help you develop lifetime employability for any career upon which you choose to embark.

Download the passport