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Engagement Ideas

We make it easy for you to engage with students, faculty and staff in multiple campus settings. Discover the different ways you can connect and interact with those on campus to share what your organization does and has to offer.

  • Class Presentations
    Faculty are often willing to allow employers in the classroom to present on career and corporate information. Presentations may be brief, or in the absence of the professor, span the entire class time.

  • Mock Interviews
    Extending yourself, your expertise, and your company or organization in the spirit of professional development is often the best way to start recruiting relationships and build rapport with our students. We offer you the opportunity to interact individually with students in a mock interview setting, and we appreciate your investment in developing our students’ skills and confidence through this invaluable exercise.

  • Career Workshops
    What is your favorite career, professional, or skill development topic? Feel free to share your presentation skills and enthusiasm for the subject in a career workshop.

  • Faculty and Staff Branding Breakfasts or "Lunch and Learns"
    Host a breakfast or luncheon with key faculty and staff who can promote your opportunities with students within their disciplines.

  • Career Connection Tables
    We will work to identify strategic on-campus table locations for you so you will have opportunity to interface with students, faculty and staff.

  • In-Kind Sponsors
    Share your brand and logo on campus by providing resources for career fairs or other events, including apparel for our Career Ambassadors, swag bags, or reusable cups or bottles for event water stations. We will assist you in the selection process to best maximize your investment.

  • Event Sponsors
    If going "big" is appealing to you, consider sponsoring or co-sponsoring an existing event, such as career fairs, or partnering with the Center to develop one. Etiquette or professional dress events are always options for such programing, campus visibility and breadth of exposure.