What to Wear

 Check out our workplace style board. 

Guidelines for Men

  • Business suit
  • Colors: preferably navy blue or medium to charcoal gray
  • Pattern: solid or pinstripe
  • Fabric: wool/polyester blend (year-round) or all wool (winter)
  • Tie: solid color, small polka dot, or conservative stripe (here is your chance to use color!)
  • Shirt: long sleeve, preferably solid white or light blue
  • Socks: long and dark (coordinate with suit)
  • Shoes: black (polished!); no boots, sandals or flip-flops!
  • Jewelry: very little - watch and no more than one ring on each hand
  • Hair: conservative length and style; minimal, well-groomed facial hair is acceptable.
  • Fragrance: minimal, light scent
  • Glasses: spotless

Guidelines for Women

  • Business suit (with coordinating pants or skirt)
  • Colors: navy or medium blue, medium to charcoal gray, wine, black or seasonal
  • Pattern: solid, tweed, or subtle plaid
  • Fabric: linen (spring and summer), wool/polyester blend (year-round), or all wool (winter)
  • Blouse: light color solid or small pattern
  • Shoes: plain pump (polished!), dark color, closed heel and toe, one-to-two inch heel
  • Hose: natural color
  • Jewelry: at most a necklace, earrings (one pair, no dangles), watch, and no more than one ring on each hand
  • Make-up: natural-looking, conservatively applied
  • Nails: filed, clear or light-tint polish
  • Fragrance: minimal, light scent
  • Glasses: spotless

Every interview and every interviewer is different. When in doubt, seek the advice of your career counselor.


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