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Transfer Student's Success at Appalachian

In the Career Development Center, we love to hear about the career success that our students and alumni experience as a result of their engagement with our center. Today, we are excited to share Danielle Iannelli's inspirational story.

Danielle, a 2013 Communication Studies graduate, is now a Senior Manager for Immersive Learning Programs at PBS. As a transfer student, she sought out mentors and community connections that helped her find her footing in her early days at Appalachian. The support she received from the Career Development Center prepared her to succeed in obtaining a scholarship to participate in the AppState in DC internship program. According to Danielle, Appalachian truly became her family and without it she would not be where she is today.

"I utilized the Career Development Center in my junior year at Appalachian. During that year I applied for the "AppState in DC" program in which you can live and work in Washington, D.C. for a semester. Through my process of applying for the program I was introduced to Sharon Jensen, who guided me and became an advocate and confidant even beyond my time with the CDC. With Sharon's and the Career Development Center’s support I received helped in: writing my resume and crafting the perfect cover letter for my application, and in preparing for my interview for the program. As result of their guidance, I not only received the scholarship to participate in the "AppState in DC" program, but also was able to obtain an internship at Georgetown University."

In Danielle's work at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), she now helps staff through their own careers by creating and offering professional development trainings and programs to ensure they too can succeed in their own professional journeys.

"I was able to develop a career path that didn’t necessarily focus on one area or one position, instead it allowed me to conceptualize a path that embraced values that were important to me: supporting and educating others. And, as I graduated from Appalachian and began my career I knew that was what was of the utmost importance to me and was able to embrace those values in my professional journey all because of the guidance I had during my own transition into Appalachian."
Jun 4, 21