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Career Catalyst

The Career Catalyst program is an opportunity for you to get to know the Career Development Center staff and the resources offered to our campus community. It will also equip you with the tools to have basic career conversations with your students such as thinking about majors or reviewing a resume. Lastly, it will help you to know who is who in the Career Development Center and where to refer your students when they need that dedicated career coach. Check out module 1 below and fill out the form to request access to the AsULearn site that houses the rest of the training.

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Module 1: Career Development History and Overview

In module 1 will show an overview of the services of Career Development and how those have changed over time. We will introduce you to the professional staff here in our Center at Appalachian State.

Module 2: Employer Relations

Module 2 will walk you through how the Career Development Center works with employers and organizations dedicated to recruiting and hiring Appalachian State grads and how you can get these employers involved with your students!

Module 3: Career Exploration, Development and Planning

During module 3a, you will see the theory behind Career Exploration and Development and some of the work the Career Center does with students who are exploring major and career options.

Module 3b will share with you the work the Career Center does with students as they prepare for life after graduation. Whether Grad School, a Gap Year or finding that next job, the Career Center will share resources with you to help facilitate these conversations with your students, who to refer them to in the career center and ways to get the career center engaged with your classes, clubs and orgs or student employees.

Career Catalyst Network

  • Dr. Alicia Muhammad
  • Dr. Cameron Lippard
  • Celeste Crowe
  • Claire LeMoine
  • Erin Sanders
  • Heather Lippard
  • Jerisha Farrer
  • Kim Jones
  • Lucinda Payne
  • Marco Fonseca Rodriguez
  • Dr. Matthew Thomas-Reid
  • Dr. Shea Tuberty
  • Dr. Thomas Mueller
  • Zachary Birtsch