The Career Information Network

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Published August 18, 2009

Whether you have already graduated or are still waiting for the day, it is always good to review your career networking options. One of the options you may not have utilized is our Career Information Network (CIN). The CIN is a professional network that allows students to search and contact business professionals in specific fields in order to learn more about entering the work force. Many of the professionals listed in the CIN are ASU graduates. The CIN offers employers, parents and alumni a great opportunity to share their expertise and coach ASU students through their career decision making.

The purpose of the network is to acquaint students with career information through contact with professionals.
The goal of the Career Information Network is not a job offer, but rather an exchange of information.

It is very easy to access the information on CIN. Go to your Career Gear Account at and select the CIN tab. You may then search the database by profession, or by the kind of assistance the employers are willing to provide. For example, if you would like to speak to someone in the non-profit area about internships, just select non-profit and internships, click on search database and a list of contacts will appear. Click on the persons name and the contact information will be made available. You can then email or call the participant and you have a new networking contact.

If you, or someone you know, would like to become a participant in the CIN, go to, select employers and then register online.