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Assisting Your Student

Encourage Your Student To Get Involved

A great GPA is good, but not good enough. Employers and graduate schools expect to see lots of valuable experience on a resume.

Internships & Volunteer Work

Encourage your student to explore career interests through volunteering and internships. Help them recognize being actively involved develops their marketable skills; options for involvement are plentiful and if they are uncertain, they should speak to their career counselor.

Recommend Helpful Resources

Help is available to make the career component of college enjoyable. Encourage them to visit Peer Career in their Freshman and Sophomore years to determine a wise choice of major. Remind them to seek assistance from their career counselor to explore internships, job opportunities, graduate school, if interested, and to prepare a resume and cover letters.

Career Development Website

Have your student check us out online at and Ask them if they have logged into their Career Gear account to maximize this online career management system.

Encourage Action

Students can get easily overwhelmed. Help them stay calm and on track by using our timeline. 

Encourage Your Student To Network

Networking allows students to tap into the hidden job market. Encourage them to check out ASU’s LinkedIn page to expand their list of career contacts. Have your student consider doing informational interviews to talk to professionals who have jobs that interest them.


Remind them to utilize career events on campus to expand their reach into internship and job opportunities.