Career Planning Timeline

Study hard…earn good grades. Meet with your academic advisor regularly. Pay attention to what you like and dislike in your coursework. Get involved in a campus organization or club; visit the ACT and Peer Career offices. Choose a major you will enjoy and in which you will do well academically.

Declare a major. Plan early for summer opportunities (internship, study abroad, travel or other career related activities); meet with your academic advisor regularly. Make sure your resume is in great shape; seek help from your career counselor. Get involved in a leadership position(s) on campus… decide to run for office or chair a committee in a campus club or organization.

Volunteer in a community program(s). Get a summer job or part-time job that relates well to your career interests. Do an internship. See your career counselor to seek help with writing your resume and conducting an internship search. Attend the Internship Fair. Take on a leadership role with your team, if you are a student athlete or if you work extensively on or off campus. Seek opportunities in your academic department for research experience, especially if you intend to pursue graduate studies.

Talk to people in the community who are doing the kind of work in which you are interested. See your career counselor for ideas on people to contact. Attend the career and graduate school fairs and other events on campus to secure more employer contacts. Establish your Career Gear account to search for internships and look ahead to job opportunities. Form meaningful relationships with professors, mentors, internship site supervisors and employers for future references. Seek your academic advisor to double check on completion of graduation requirements.

Update your resume and portfolio pieces. See your career counselor for help with your resume and to assist you in planning your job search and/or graduate school search. Develop effective interviewing and job seeking skills. See your career counselor about scheduling a practice interview. Focus your career preferences (place of work, location, job description, required skill sets). Contact people who you would like to ask to serve as your references.

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